Specialised Services

Safety is our priority. Not just on the flight deck but in all aspects of our business. We strive for the highest standards, promoting an inclusive and open safety culture.

Our pilots have a wealth of experience drawn from both the Airline and VIP worlds, ensuring an assured, safe and professional service.

Underpinning all of this is the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) one of the most exacting aviation regulators in the world, which conduct company audits at least every six months. It is our commitment to exceed every one of these standards.

Special Services

In addition to the professional private jet functions we provide, Fly Vectra is proud to offer comprehensive personalised security service.

Hand chosen for their exceptional military records, our Executive Protection Officers (EPO) are trained to handle effectively and efficiently the security and protection of our clients in an ever changing threat environment.

All our EPOs hold a Security Industry Authority Licence (SIA) and many have Special Forces backgrounds. Their experience in close protection will make your travel as hassle free as possible.

This complete protection solution is tailored to the client's precise requirements.